A Love Letter

I could write about you all day. I’m not even exaggerating a little bit. In fact, it would take me at least a week of non-stop hacking away at a keyboard at my average typing speed of 70 wpm to only get the events written about, but that’s nothing compared to the feelings I have for you. I would be writing for the rest of my life. Granted, I would be one hell of a typist, but I could do so much more if you were by my side to say it to. Of course, typing skills are a qualification to many careers and the number of careers requiring typing are increasing rapidly due to the constantly expanding evolution of technology and the human species’ growing dependence on it. In the most optimistic of perspectives, that means that I would be highly qualified with an eventual trade skill, guaranteeing me a lifetime of security and wealth and stability. Though, in reality, no amount of money or what it can buy can amount anything remotely equivalent to having you in my life. You always have been and always will be worth so much more.

You’re irreplaceable. You’re the person I could have never dreamed of because you’re too perfect. Even your flaws are perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. I admire you, adore you, cherish you,
desire you, live for you, die for you and I undeniably need you. You’re my sanctuary, my home, my dreams, my love, my world and my soul mate. You complete me, inspire me, challenge me, intrigue me,
and consume me. You are everything to me. I won’t survive without you.

To this day, when love is brought up in conversation, I still say I know what being in love feels like. Just like you can. I haven’t found the right words, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that I’ve
encountered it. I found it with you. There really is nothing like it.

Love is an existence. It’s not a choice or an experience or an event or a phase. When you find love, it consumes every fiber of your being. It holds you in ways that shield you from all of the swords in
the trebuchet of life even when it’s penetrating your heart itself. It hears every breath you inhale or exhale, every word you utter, every step you take. It defines every sound you hear. It calms the loud and
enhances the quiet. It liberates you while you carry the world on your shoulders. It gives you air when you’re suffocating. It feeds you when you’re starving. It warms you when you freeze and cools you when
you burn. It brings you to life when you’re dead and it kills you when you’re living. It protects you and hurts you at the same time. It saves you and it destroys you because it means so much to you. It fills in
what’s missing even when it’s not there. It gives purpose to the insignificant. It makes the big stuff seem
small. It’s constant worry, gratitude, fear, and excitement. It’s forgiveness and confrontation and dependence and independence. It’s happiness and sadness. It’s up and down. It’s endless. The scariest
and most amazing part of it is that it’s not something you can control. It’s its own entity by itself, but the best part (and my favorite part) about any of this is that I got to find that out because I was given the privilege of meeting you.

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