Gratitude Post

Usually, society leaves me wondering if there’s any hope left for a more peaceful existence, but every once in a while, someone somewhere does something to help you realize that there’s plenty to be grateful for and that good people still exist, even when you’re as apathetic as I’ve been lately.

This evening, I’m writing about my neighbors. I have been blessed with some of the best neighbors anyone could ask for. One of those fantastic people just moved, but to be with the love of her life and I wish her nothing less than pure happiness. She was so pure and fair-minded, yet sheltered in some areas, but also very intelligent and capable of anything she set her mind to. She loved to do projects like I do and I have a lot of respect for a woman who loves her Dremel.

The neighbor across the “hall” from me is very much involved in the community and is always willing to help anyone in this 300-unit complex (and anyone else who needs her help) with finding resources and connections to make ends meet and is also amazing with children and is so involved with the schools in town that every teacher knows her by name. She doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body. The best thing about her is that none of the help she provides comes with expectations of anything in return. All she hopes for is gratitude and for something to do that makes her feel useful and needed. She never even asks for favors from anyone and the ones she does ask about are things as easy as looking something up on the computer. She helps everyone she encounters, doesn’t say negative things about anybody, treats everyone equally and keeps an eye out for everyone for anything that may have a negative impact on anyone.

My neighbor on the top floor is reclusive, but she always passes on toys or furniture she doesn’t want to me because of my daughter. I can tell she’s honest, but that there’s a lot more to her story than your typical mother-of-two. She likes to craft and when she realizes you’re not a threat, she’s sweet and she just needs someone to talk to every once in a while that gets it. Unfortunately, I rarely talk and socializing is overwhelming for me, even with those close to me. Maybe one day, I can be comfortable talking so I don’t leave another good person in silence. I just hope she doesn’t feel like she’s the reason I don’t socialize. I find her intriguing, but she’s a person and I don’t like to talk.

My neighbors a couple of doors down from me are silently keeping an eye on their surroundings and they sound like a humorous, good-hearted bunch. I don’t know them very well, but apparently, they overheard an argument I was having with my ex and they don’t like my ex now and almost came out to defend me for getting in my face. They even gave me some shoes one day, randomly. My only pair had a giant hole in them. I didn’t know anyone was paying attention. I’m not that interesting, but I’m grateful that they cared enough to.

Every one of these people are completely honest and very trustworthy. Tonight, the event that sparked this post is that I left my bag outside, filled with the things I carry with me when I smoke outside. It holds my passport and wallet, cigarettes, pens, and whatever else I’m using at the time. I left my reading light on inside of it carelessly. I was looking for it to go out for another cigarette, but got distracted by my daughter until I heard a knock at the door and it was my neighbor across the hall. The neighbors two doors down saw the light in the bag and gave it to my neighbor across the hall. They didn’t even try to reach in to turn the light off and everything was where I left it. I appreciate that they didn’t turn off the light because I do recall leaving it on and their decision not to turn it off showed me that they had no desire to be dishonest. They just wanted to get the bag back to me. There aren’t many honest people left in the world, but somehow, I landed smack-dab in the center of many. It’s rare and I’m lucky and I’m grateful for these people and their honesty. So, I’m sharing a story about them and their honesty in hopes that it can inspire someone else to look around and be grateful for things that may not seem very big, but are actually huge. Acts of kindness often never come without a price, so when they do, don’t take them for granted, because the chance you’ll be graced with another is slim.


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