If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail and had Unlimited Resources…

I would divide all  of the resources that would aid in providing a more positive and peaceful existence amongst every living being on the planet and tell everyone to shut the fuck up (as in “stop complaining”), mind their own business and pay it forward. This is because a lot of negative things are done out of being in need (and I’m not denying most negative things being done out of selfishness), but if everyone had what they needed, less people would have to go without. Of course, there would still be crimes and bad things will still happen (they always will no matter what) and resources would run out eventually because I wouldn’t want to baby the world by constantly having everyone, including myself, being handed everything on a silver platter, but there are still so many people in the world that want to help and just can’t because their resources are limited that would make doing something like this worth it. Therefore, they would likely use their resources to pay it forward, which would cause another person to want to do the same and so forth. There would be many people who wouldn’t pay it forward and that’s okay because it would still have a positive impact that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Also, the value of money would possibly decrease just long enough for the world to pull their head out of their ass before it became needed again. Anyway, as flawed as it may be, that’s my theory. This was inspired by Amy Blake’s “Self Discovery Journal: 100 Days of Self Exploration”. It’s one of the journal prompts.


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