I’m Thankful Every Day

               Today, I’ll post what I’m thankful for, but my gratitude doesn’t stop at midnight, nor did it start at midnight.

               I’m thankful for my daughter because she’s the reason I am here. She’s my purpose.

               I’m thankful for my family because they’ve put up with all of my shit and supported me through my stupidity, my issues and in every way they’ve been capable.

               I’m thankful that I’m going to be an uncle next year, thanks to my lovely sister. I’m also thankful I found my sister/was found by my sister.

               I’m thankful for my mom for being my idol and showing me you can get back up no matter how long you’ve been down.

               I’m thankful for my grandma for being with me through my hardest times and being supportive no matter what, providing me shelter, putting up with my tweaker bullshit, being my cheerleader…

               I’m thankful I have brothers who stick up for me and love me unconditionally even though I bullied them growing up.

               As much as I can’t stand him, I’m thankful for my stepdad’s financial support growing up. I’m also thankful my mom left him, though.   

               I’m thankful my dad went into remission from cancer and I’m thankful he’s trying to be there for me when he can. I’m thankful he taught me to accept responsibility when I’m being an asshole and to own being flawed rather than deny it.

               I’m thankful that my daughter’s father and I both found life away from drugs and can work together without resentment and without being in a relationship with one another to try to give our daughter what she needs to grow up happy and prepared.

               I’m thankful for my daughter’s father because we have our daughter.

               I’m thankful for my massage therapist and chiropractor for helping me, not only with my physical well-being and healing, but for helping me learn to trust people again.

               I’m thankful for my lawyer for working my case smoothly and getting me in touch with the right people to help me heal.

               I’m thankful for the counselor that was willing to try to work with me after the wreck.

               I’m thankful for my friends who I can talk to and who accept me for who I am rather than who I have been and support me through the best and worst of times, friends both old and new.    

               I’m thankful for my ex-fiance, who showed me that magic does exist (even though it doesn’t always last…). I’m thankful for his mom for being someone I can idolize. I’m thankful for his son for being as patient as he is and putting up with what he does. I’m thankful for his father for being supportive despite hating me. I’m thankful for L.R., my ex-fiance’s friend/acquaintance, for being understanding and for giving me the time of day. I’m thankful for his former friends for helping me make sure he was okay.

               I’m thankful for my past for teaching me what I know today. ‘I’m thankful that I was able to drop meth cold turkey and jump into getting life back on track so quickly. I’m thankful for the supplements I’ve been taking that have been putting my body back together.

               I’m thankful for my job because I can support my daughter and work my way back into being the person I was before drugs.

               I’m thankful for my rabbit because he’s a badass and did help with my emotional healing. Poor thing has put up with so much from me…

               I’m thankful for the birds and the fish in the living room that give me something peaceful to pay attention to when I’m bored or can’t sleep.

               I’m thankful for the people who read my posts and visit my website.   

               Last, but not least, I’m thankful for my my squirrel friend who asks me for nuts every morning and waits by the stairs for me. Speaking of, the squirrel awaits.


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