Abuse Quotes

“It’s never the perpetrators that are in therapy, it’s always their victims. Abusive people believe they do no wrong, victims suffer for years trying to understand it all.”

Sondra Haley, LPC-MHSP

“Reactive Abuse

Narcissists and other toxic individuals will push you to breaking point with relentless psychological, verbal, emotional, financial, spiritual, and sometimes physical abuse.

When you finally snap, they’ll delight in leveraging your perfectly normal reaction to prove how ‘unhinged’ you are, to play the victim, and also to justify their despicable actions.

Here are some examples of reactive abuse:

1. Shaming you for using profanity
2. Mocking you for crying.
3. Accusing you of violence for doing something like slamming a door
4. Claiming you’re ‘unhinged’ behavior is proof that you’re ‘mentally ill’
5. Insisting you have anger issues
6. Flipping the tale that you are the one abusing them


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